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How can I delete my account / information?
How can I delete my account / information?

GDPR - Right to Erasure

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If you've inquired about how to delete your account or information from Pie - you're in the right place. For the past few years, GDPR has allowed for users to request their account and information be deleted, also known as right to erasure. As such, here at Pie, we also uphold these requirements to the best of our ability. There are two categories that you will fall under:

Category 1:

If you do not have any VAT refund requests that have been approved - simply chat with us, or write us at [email protected] - and we'll remove all the information associated with your account.

Category 2:

If you have an approved VAT refund request, here is where it gets a bit complicated. While GDPR ensures the right to erasure, there are certain times when this is superseded. Pie is such a case.

Our operations are conducted within the tax-free sector, necessitating collaboration with tax authorities in the regions where we operate. As such, authorities are entitled to conduct audits from time to time, and we will be required to turn over certain information around tax free purchases (including what we collect through the Pie process).

For companies that have legal obligations in regulated industries, they need to retain such data in-case of future audits. The amount of time that such data needs to be retained varies across countries, and hence, we try to stay conservative and retain your information for up to seven years within our system.

For a deeper dive into the specifics, please see Paragraph 3b and 3e under Article 17 of the GDPR regulation surrounding Right to Erasure:

Security / Data Protection

Of course storing data comes with great responsibility, a responsibility that we treat seriously. We perform regular vulnerability assessments on all systems against known risks in information security. We also employ industry standard practices when storing and handling data internally. We are committed to the continued hardening of our security.

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