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Why use Pie VAT for your VAT refund?
Why use Pie VAT for your VAT refund?

Why PIE? What makes PIE great?

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Thanks for asking! Our team here at Pie has been working hard to try to provide the best tax free experience! A few things that we are proud of:

  • Digital-first - our tourist-facing app, Pie VAT, makes the tax free claim process intuitive and easy to understand. A few steps via the app, and you're done!

  • Highest refunds - we want to ensure our tourist users receive the maximum refund they can. With our digital-first strategy, we pass on our efficiency to maximize our tourists' savings.

  • Faster refunds - once a tourist claim is submitted to PIE, our operations team works hard to ensure we can review that claim within 24 hours!

Customer care - we care, we really do.

Reach us on live chat anytime, and we will guide you through the tax free process.

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