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What are the fees to use Pie VAT?
What are the fees to use Pie VAT?

Is Pie VAT free to download? How high are Pie VAT's refund rates? Are there any opaque fees, e.g. transfer fees?

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What fees do Pie VAT charge? 

We charge a small handling fee for our services, but everything is included in the fee.

In Europe, our fees are up to 8% of the total amount incl. VAT - which compromises of both FX fees and transactional fees.

💡You can always ask in the store what your expected refund will be.

💡When you've requested a refund, you can always see what you will be refunded (expected) under in the Pie VAT app.

Note, minor variations in the currency exchange rate can occur, as the day of purchase and day of refund usually are different.

Are there any additional fees for transferring the refund? Like foreign exchange fees for example?

Unfortunately our transfer partners charge a transfer fee which we do our best to absorb but need to charge to stay competitive. This fee generally ranges from 4.5% - 8.5% of the outgoing transfer. We're doing everything we can to keep these fees down, including adding new transfer partners.

💡In some cases, your bank or credit card company may add additional foreign exchange fees. We attempt to make transfers in your bank's currency to avoid any additional fees outside of our system.

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