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Does my eSIM data expire?
Does my eSIM data expire?
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When purchasing eSIM data, you can select a start date from which a 30-day expiration period begins. This means that once the 30-day period has passed, the eSIM data is no longer valid and you will need to purchase additional data.

If you add data to your eSIM before the 30-day expiration period has finished, your new expiration date will be based on the date the new data was added. For example, if you purchase an eSIM and select a start date of October 1st, then the data will expire on October 31st. If you add additional data on October 20th, then the new expiration date will be November 20th.

You can easily add data to any installed eSIM at any time. See our help article on how to add data to your Pie eSIM.

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