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How do I get a Customs Stamp?

How to obtain a customs stamp

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If you are shopping in our Denmark/Sweden/German partner stores, you will need to get a customs stamp as part of your VAT refund process.

You will need to get your customs stamp at the latest exit point out of the EU - in other words, at the latest EU airport, train station, or port you will be traveling through.

​List of the customs access point in Denmark

What do I need to do?

First - you will have received a sticker on your receipt, it will look like this:

If you did not get a sticker, please enter your full name and residency address on the back of your store receipt.

At the customs office, you will be able to show this receipt (with a filled-in sticker).

The Customs officer may ask you to show your goods as well.

Once approved, they will stamp the front of your receipt - you can then upload a photo of that stamped receipt via the PIE app to finish your VAT refund claim!

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