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How to start my VAT claim?

This is what hassle-free, tax free shopping looks like 😍

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Firstly - you'll need to go shopping in one of our awesome partner stores! 🛍️😁

Our partner store will then send you a claim code (a 6-digit code) via email or write it down for you on our flyers.

To start your VAT refund claim, you can either:

Download and open the Pie VAT app, tap on 'Refund' and then enter the 6-digit code.


Tap on the link sent to you via email.

You can then follow the simple steps to get your refund! 🤩

💰Once all the steps and account settings are completed, and it all checks out, we'll transfer the refund immediately to your Pie Wallet - which will then be available for withdrawal to your bank account, credit card, etc.

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