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Why should your customer download Pie VAT?
Why should your customer download Pie VAT?

In this article, we'll share some the benefits of downloading the app in store, as well as how your customer can still shop tax free.

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The customer will have the best experience by using the Pie VAT app. Therefore you should ask them to download it. 📲

Here's a few tips 💡to help your customer download the app:

  • Pie VAT is a hassle-free app - PIE has tried to reduce and minimize all the steps required for a tax refund request.

  • The app is downloaded in less than a minute. If a customer asks if your store offers tax free, you can tell them to download Pie VAT while they take a look around. 

  • The map view in the Pie VAT app, is a great shopping guide for the tourist looking for unique and local stores. Even if the tourist doesn't find something at your store - they most likely will in a PIE Family store. Helping your fellow merchant will also help you - as they will do the same.

E-mail or text the Tax Free claim, so the customer can download the app later.

Maybe your customer forgot her/his phone, or simply ran out of juice 🤷‍♂️
No worries - simply just use the e-mail or SMS function during VAT refund order creation, and let the customer download the app later.

💡Remember to inform the customer to check their e-mail or SMS when possible.

💡The e-mail or SMS the customer receives from Pie VAT, will inform them to download the app. It will also include the order reference, so they can request the refund once the app is downloaded.

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