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I don't have internet in store, what do I do?
I don't have internet in store, what do I do?

In case you can't access WiFi in store or rooming - no worries! You can still shop tax free in the store with Pie VAT.

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Sometimes WiFi is down, or you're simply just can't get any signal.

So what to do when you're shopping tax free?

Simply continue your shopping in the store, and the merchant will send the tax free order to your e-mail or text (SMS). 😇

If you already have the app: Just Request a Refund in the Pie VAT app, and add in the 6-digit claim code.

If you do not have the app: open the email on your phone and use the link in the mail to download the app, and it will start your claim process

💡 Remember to take a photo of the receipt in store in case you lose it later on!

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