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Which steps do I need to complete to get my refund?
Which steps do I need to complete to get my refund?

Missed the How it Works? Don't worry, you can always find it in the menu, but we'll elaborate the process here 😇

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Whether you've downloaded the Pie app prior to your shopping frenzy 🛍 or you're in the store - a few quick process steps and account information are required, for us to document your eligibility to have your VAT refunded.

Pie VAT is the hassle free app to claim and receive your refundable VAT from your tax free shopping.

First things first - HASSLE FREE - what does that mean?
We truly believe it means you don't have to spend any unnecessary time away from your trip, e.g. no more waiting in line at the airport. We allow you to complete all steps at your convenience! 🥳

Here's what you need to do - in the Pie VAT app:

In store 🏬

  • Use the Pie VAT app, press Request a Refund and scan the QR code provided by the merchant

  • You will be asked to take a photo of the receipt
    💡If you had a real shopping frenzy in the store - you can take multiple photos of the looooong receipt 😁

Returning home 🛫

  • Scan you boarding pass of the return flight. You can also add it from you wallet.
    💡Are you leaving by 🛳 - you should just upload your ticket to confirm. 

Back home 🏡

  • Take a photo of each item you bought 📸
    💡Make sure the items you purchased, are clearly visible in each photo. 

Account settings ℹ️

We do highly advice you do your account registration as soon as possible. That way we can quickly assist you answering any questions you may have in the chat. You can also postpone registering - remember everything can be done at your convenience.

This is the information we are required to obtain by the authorities to ensure you are eligible for a VAT refund.

Don't worry! We value your privacy highly so it is safe with us.

  • Full name

  • Complete address

  • Passport scan

  • Self photograph for identification (selfie time!!)

  • Payment method (we do need this information to actually transfer your refund)

Getting your VAT refund transferred to your account 💰

Once you've completed all process steps and fully registered your Pie VAT account - we will check the order asap! 

If all checks out, and you're eligible for getting a VAT refund on your purchase, we will initiate the refund and it should be visible on your account within about 5 business days.

💡The sooner you complete the process steps, the sooner we can complete the order check, and the sooner you'll receive your refund. Just remember to take photos of the items when you're back home.

💡If you register your Pie VAT account asap, we can assist you with any questions you may have to each process step.

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